All previous courses have been oversubscribed and have had excellent informal and formal feedback.

Some feedback from the 13th Cambridge Dementia Course (2018):

“It was a great course.”   Vivien
“It was an excellent course.”   Duncan
“Thanks for organising a great course, I really enjoyed it”   Nicola
“The course was great- I thoroughly enjoyed it!”   Bhav
“It was a fantastic few days!”   Andrea
“I very much enjoyed the course.”    Liam
“Thank you for organising a great conference”   Remi 

Some feedback from the 12th Cambridge Dementia Course (2017):

“Thank you for an excellent course.”  Gerry, Consultant Neurologist
“Congratulations on another fantastic conference. It is the best Dementia conference in the world without doubt… the course Drs Brown and Graham have developed is truly remarkable. There wasn’t a single session or lecture that didn’t have practical value in everyday clinical practice in both more common cases and those extremely difficult patients to diagnose and manage. Without exception they were all outstanding presentations.”  James, Consultant Neurologist
“I really enjoyed the course, I will recommend to all my colleagues.”  Ruth
“Thanks for the great course last week.”  Fizzah
“May I express my heartfelt thanks to you all for organizing such an excellent dementia course. I have learnt a lot from all the speakers throughout the Course. It helped to broaden my horizons and provide valuable insights into my clinical practice.”  Andrew
“It was a really good couple of days, enjoyable and informative! ”  Alec
“The course was really fantastic – I will definitely plan to do again in the future.”  Grainne
“Course was excellent and best dementia course so far.”  Geetha
“I attended day 1 of the course and had a fantastic time with great talks which were very useful to clinical practice.”  Abbas
“I wish to express my gratitude for an excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days, and it is without doubt the best educational course I have attended. The level of presenters, the efficient programme and the smooth running was fantastic. So thank you and well done.”  Graeme
“I enjoyed the course.”  Sunethra
“Thank you for the course it was exceptional.”  Helen

Some feedback from the 11th Cambridge Dementia Course (2016):

“I found the CDC course excellent and well deserving of its excellent reputation.” Sean
“Thanks a lot for the fantastic course.” Bernd
“I attended days 1&2 of the Cambridge Dementia Course. It was excellent – very useful and enjoyable. I was scheduled to attend day 3 but sadly had to return to Devon.” Jonathan
“… the course (which was great by the way)” Jayne
“Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable course.” Anna
“… it was a superb course ” Shane, Consultant Neurologist
“I have highly praised the course since I returned from it.” Danielle
“Thank you again for another brilliantly and smoothly run course.” Miriam
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course – it was really excellent and well worth the 8 hour train ride.” Henry, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist

Some feedback from the 10th Cambridge Dementia Course (2015):

“It was a very good course…” Mark
“The CDC was fantastic! All the talks were of such high calibre. Your organisational skills are phenomenal! ” Anna
“…following the course which I found so enjoyable and informative. Once again, many thanks for such an enjoyable and stimulating course. I attended the Cambridge Dementia Course … and found it both informative and inspiring. As a GP, I was in a minority, but I found it absolutely fascinating.” Ingrid
“Thanks for such a great course! Design and organisation was flawless – thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Would recommend to anyone.” Ed, ST3 Neuro
“Many thanks for a wonderful course, first rate organisation and talks!” Jonny, SpR, Medicine for the Elderly
“I really enjoyed the course and would like to thank you for the excellent organisation.” John, Consultant, Medicine for the Elderly
“It was fab and I will definitely attend again.” Rachel, SpR Psychiatry
“It was a great course.” Lorraine, Consultant, Medicine for the Elderly
“Thank you very much again for the brilliant course and all the organisation before and during it. It was amazing indeed. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues!” Lilia, Neuro Research Registrar
“Thanks for organising an amazing course!” Rubesh, SpR Neuro

Some feedback from the 9th Cambridge Dementia Course (2014):

“Thanks again for organising such a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 3 days.” Shakil, Consultant Psychiatrist
“I really enjoyed it and found it extremely interesting and informative.” Claire, SpR Neuro
“Thanks for a great course.” Sarah, Consultant Psychiatrist
“…an excellent course” Roinin, Consultant Psychiatrist
“It was a fantastic course.” Yasir, SpR in Psychiatry
“I really enjoyed the course and would like to thank you for the excellent organisation.” John, Consultant, Medicine for the Elderly
“May I take this opportunity to inform you that I thought the course was excellent and extremely well organised!” Sivatharshini, GP Partner
“…a great conference!” Steve, Consultant Psychiatrist
“The course was excellent, really really helpful to me.” Carlos, SpR in Neuropsychology
“Really had a great time in Cambridge, and enjoyed the course very much.” Michael, SpR in Neurology